Jamica was fantastic!
Lorraine, I just had to thank you for helping us plan our recent trip to Iberostar in Jamaica. We had a great time and think the resort was a perfect choice for us knowing it was our 1st time there and what we were looking for. The people there couldn't have been nicer and we look forward to returning there one day....maybe Negril next time!
I will definitely come calling on you again the next time we travel, you made it so easy for us with the complete packet of info you supplied. Hope all is well with you.
Best regards,
Carol and Kevin



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    Dear GIVC agents, Travel agents and Friends,

    Me and my family had the pleasure to stay at Azul Beach Hotel this weekend, this was our second time at this Resorts as we stayed back on December 2009, the property has now been renovated as there was a 21 million dollar investment on the new room categories as well as a couple of new restaurants that we were able to experience.

    Well, let me share with all of you about our experience, let’s start with kids experience, as this Resort is perfect for babies and toddlers, and for the ones that know my family are aware that I have Mia who is 5 year old and Aleks who is turning 4 next month, so they had a blast, as a start they were greeted with a chocolate smoothie and a kinder surprise egg, just that made their day, because they felt so important and did I mentioned that they had their private check in…..

    Now, once the butler took us to our Swim Up Family Suite, well that was the end of it, OMG, this room is so spectacular…. It has a huge sofa bed which was amazing for the kids since they had also their own private TV so me and my wife did not spend our stay watching Dora the Explorer as we had our own TV as well and privacy as the suite is divided a couple of sliding doors, now, the balcony has a access to the pool as it is a swim up, but I was surprised that there is a lock in the wooden door so kids are not able to open it, very important if you are a parent of small children, so really this property is to lay back and relax and having the certainty that your kids will be safe and have so much fun, specially as the Resorts is quite small but with a lot of different options. So we just had to go to the balcony to jump into the pool, where we spent most of the days and by the way the swim up bar is just a couple of strolls away!

    Let me tell you about the kids program, Mia and Aleks they just wanted to be inside the Kids club all day long as there are so many different activities for them to do, they got their faces painted, they got to meet the Little People from Fisher Price “Eddy and Sonya Lee”, they got to play and exercise with My Gym Equipment, meet other kids their ages, and play some video games as there are some Wii and Xbox Kinect consoles, but also they went to the new theater to see a movie, so they had a blast.

    Cintia and me, well we had an amazing time too as we are really foodies, especially since I start working with Karisma Hotels 3 years ago… you know it is a tough job but someone has to do it..... Jso we tried it all…. But not only what the restaurants had to offer but also all the different activities that this property offers to the parents, such as Yoga, which Cintia did on top of a pier overlooking the ocean… while I was having a sip of my favorite drink (Jack and Coke).

    On the first night without the kids (you can imagine where they were) we went to Roma Restaurant, as a start they serve you Parmesan Cheese from a round 50 pound cheese ball, just like in Italy and some cherry tomatoes from El Dorado Greenhouse, which are organic and so Yummy and Gourmet! The food outstanding just like in Rome and you can choose from a variety of 15 different house wines.

    The next day we decided that we needed a rest so we went to one of the beach beds, we had a beach butler and we ordered a picnic, so we got some salads and Paninis and some Gourmet Bites for the kids, plus some refreshments, actually the beach butlers will take care of every single need that you might have, such as cold water, magazines, beer, snacks and good books, I actually got the Hunger Games from them, which is actually even better than the movie, perhaps because I read it in front of the blue turquoise water of the Caribbean Ocean.

    That night before going for dinner there was a Piñata Party for the kids, we were surprised by the amount of kids that showed up, there were approximately 20 kids from different nationalities from 4 to 12, and all of them having fun with the Mexican celebration, once the Piñata was broken everyone jumped for the candy. Once the kids had their share of sweets we went to the oriental Restaurant (Tainan) which has the sushi river and by the way they serve you real sake as a welcome drink, they have a sushi special platter with over 6 different options, so if you cannot decide for one you can try them all, it was absolutely fantastic, but still if you are not a sushi lover there are many options like Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese options, all part of your GI package …. And by the way each and every one of the restaurants have a children menu and also the baby Gourmet Gerber food which can be ordered at any time. After Tainan we went to see Michael Jackson, yes you read correctly… MJ was there and this was not any ordinary show, the choreographies where amazing, this was truly an average Las Vegas show, with many dancers, lights and smoke, the children just loved it…. even with the Thriller Monster!

    We were tired after a long day so we decided to go for some movies with the concierge, they have a vast selection of different tittles and they send you popcorn to your room along with the movies, so we just had a relaxing night.

    I could keep going and going about all the great features that Azul Beach has to offer, like the Latino Restaurant with a fusion of cultures of dishes from all over Latin-America or Blue Restaurant which has a 5 dinner menu including one of only Lobster and you can order from it as many times as you want, this property is truly spectacular and I highly recommended for Families with Babies and Toddlers or for a Romantic Getaway or a Destination wedding as it now has its own Sky Wedding location which overlooks a 160 degree view of the Caribbean Ocean with a glimpse of Puerto Morelos and Cancun Hotel zone.

    Book now and saveup to a 40% Discount on the rates and Kids stay for free, for all traveling made from Now – Until December 22, 2012.

    Recommend your clients to this Amazing Hip and Chic Resorts, which is considered the only Gourmet Inclusive Boutique Hotel for babies and toddlers!





    It is always my pleasure......

    Daniel Scheiman
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